2023 offer

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2023 offer – 25 EUR per hour including VAT

Like 2022 we still offer 25 EUR per hour incl. 19%VAT.

Please enter in your request
computerservice.arminfischer.com/2023-offer/ and 25 EUR/h offer

Municipality of Memmelsdorf, Gemeinde Memmelsdorf

On-Site-Service on computer problems

This is for On-Site-Service in Municipality of Memmelsdorf, Gemeinde Memmelsdorf.
Bamberg County on demand.
On-site service makes sence for smaller computer problems or requesting other devices like printers or network problems. Registry cleanup or uninstalling Software for example. Problems with printer, uninstalling and installing printer software e.g.

On-Site-Service on Internet problems like cable Internet or DSL

In Memmelsdorf we also offer help on DSL, cable Internet, FFTH, FFTC, cell phone Internet and other Internet connections.

On-Site-Service on WiFi and network problems

In Memmelsdorf, Gemeinde Memmelsdorf we also help you with network problems and WiFi-problems.
We config or attach repeater to your W-LAN network.

Bring-In Municipality of Memmelsdorf, County Bamberg

All services that refer to computer and take more than 1 hour.

It makes sense to solve all problems that take more that one hour in HomeOffice or in our repair shop.

Backing up or rescuing your data from not booting devices

When your harddisk or SSD device is booting no more we help you backing up or rescuing your data.
In case we can’t do because the electronic of the device is damaged, we have partners who are able to fix such problems.

Installing Windows or LinuxMint

If your system is to slow it makes often sense to make a blank installation of the operating system again.
Or it is necessary to install a more actual operating system.

Smartphone Software problems

we are able to solve many Smartphone problems on your android or iOS devices.

Diagnostic on desktop computers and notebooks

In some cases it is not really clear, where a problem comes from.
So all parts of the computer have to be checked.


We offer helpdesk or remote desktop aid worldwide.
Please keep knowing that you personally trust that person who gives you helpdesk, especially when you leave your computer for a time. There can be much damage if you give access to your computer to unserious persons.


We offer Webdesign on Basic HTML, FrontpageExpress in a 1990er Style,
CMS or Blog systems like WordPress, adapting Themes or Templates, smaller CSS adaptings.
Graphic design with Adobe Photoshop.

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