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Due to a flue, we offer temporary no service (published 25. Feb. 2023)

Due to a flue we, we offer temporary no service.
We think we will be able to start again in mid-March 2023.
All requests should be stored and delivered to us.

With urgent In Time requests please contact our Collegues:


www.diePCWerkstatt.de Marco Mueller

Bamberg, Landkreis Bamberg, Gemeinde Memmelsdorf

www.computershop-bamberg.de Ralf Mittag
www.tronicomsystems24.de Matthias Braun und Jutta Nepf


Armin Fischer 


Gemeinde Memmelsdorf – Landkreis Bamberg – Regensburg 

c/o Armin Fischer 
Hauptstr. 70  
DE- 96117 Memmelsdorf  

Ust-ID / VAT-ID: DE232723558 


For updates follow us under http://news.computerservice.arminfischer.com


Computerservice.arminfischer.com / denews.Computerservice.arminfischer.comChatus

Computerservice.arminfischer.com office@arminfischer.com +4917621008967
Memmelsdorf/BA/DE : Hauptstr. 70 DE- 96117 Memmelsdorf . Ust-ID/VAT-ID: DE232723558 

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