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We now offer Computerservice online via helpdesk on Google RemoteDesktop or Windows 10 quickassist.
We offer on other helpdesk tools too if necesseray.

German Company Seat:
Hauptstr. 70
DE- 96117 Memmelsdorf

There soon might be a Malta company seat! Watch out!

Call or message:
+49 176 210 089 67

We are not open 24/7 . Please call or write and leave a message.

What we generally do:

Computer repair:
– Installing and Setup of Desktop Computers and Notebooks.
Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 , LinuxMint, Linux FX, Kubuntu, Apple Mac, AMIGA OS, …
– Installing and Setup of Smartphones and Tablets.
Android, iOS .
– Desktop and Notebook repair.
– Data Rescue of harddisks, SSDs, SDs, Smartphones as long as media and controller is in order.
– Data Recovery of harddisks, SSDs, SDs.

Internet connection:
– Installing/ Setup of Internet connection over cable-TV, DSL, LTE and more, WiFi .
– Installing/ Setup of phone systems in SoHo and Routers like FRITZ!Box 7490, 7590, …
analog, ISDN, VoIP .
VoIP International roaming.

PC-Service On Site to Customer:
– actually we do regularry in community Memmelsdorf community, Bamberg county
Gemeinde Memmelsdorf, Landkreis Bamberg, Bayern, DE , Deutschland, Germany.

Please check where I offer service at the moment.

Please ask for your needs

Buero Office Services:
Tell what you need.

– Basic Webdesign in HTML in 1990er Style.
– program Webdesign like MS FrontPage Express
– Webdesign with WordPress including Free Themes / Templates.
– self created PHP snippets
– own easy Ticket systems / denews.Computerservice.arminfischer.comChatus +4917621008967
Memmelsdorf/BA/DE : Hauptstr. 70 DE- 96117 Memmelsdorf . Ust-ID/VAT-ID: DE232723558 

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