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Here you will find the General Terms and Conditions of or the General Terms and Conditions of


General terms and conditions of the company // Armin Fischer dienstleistungen // csaf for short 
 and the
sub-branding Armin Fischer, Armin Fischer dienstleistungen,,, and and

§1 Applicability to entrepreneurs and definitions of terms
(1) The following general terms and conditions apply to all deliveries and services between us and a customer or orderer or consumer in the version valid at the time of the order. Alternatively, newer versions also apply if they represent an advantage for the customer.

(2) Consumers within the meaning of the present conditions are natural persons with whom a business relationship is entered into without a commercial or self-employed professional activity being attributable to them.
Entrepreneurs within the meaning of the present conditions are natural or legal persons with whom a business relationship is entered into, who act in the exercise of a commercial or self-employed professional activity.
Customers within the meaning of the present conditions are both consumers and entrepreneurs.

(3) Minors or those with limited legal capacity require the consent of a parent or guardian before accepting an order or concluding a contract.

(4) The customer must be able to understand the contract language in German and understand what is at stake. The customer consents to automatic translation systems, if applicable.

(5) has repair partners to whom repair orders can be forwarded in consultation with the customer.
Unless otherwise agreed, the invoice will be issued by
Our terms and conditions then apply. If it is agreed that the repair partner will send the invoice to the customer, the general terms and conditions of the repair partner apply.

(5.0.1) Armin Fischer is a sister company. and are subordinate to Armin Fischer Services and jointly use customer administration, invoicing, etc. .

(5.1) Marco Müller, Landshuter Str.68, 93053 Regensburg is a solid and reliable repair partner, especially when it comes to data recovery and recovery, virus removal, replacement of notebook and netbook components and their repair. In addition, the colleague can exchange the display and battery.

After prior agreement with the customer, hardware can be handed over to Marco Müller. Marco Müller
Landshuter Str. 68
Tel./ VoIP: +499417977227
Mobile: +491728227401

(5.2) Mobile phone display repairs or battery replacements on mobile phones or tablet display repairs or battery replacements as well as other repairs can be forwarded to Phonegallery GmbH.

Phonegallery GmbH
Obermünsterstr. 11
93047 Regensburg
Tel.: 0941 – 59 88 214
Fax: 0941 – 59 88 215
Email:  info(at)

(5.3) In consultation with our customers in Bamberg and the district, orders and repairs will be forwarded to Ralf Mittag.

Computer Shop
Ralf Mittag
Gaustadter Hauptstr. 90
96049 Bamberg

Phone:  0951-96830177 Fax
:  0951-96830178

VAT ID:  DE 205075129

(5.4) Orders and repairs are forwarded to in consultation with our customers in Bamberg and the district.

TronicomSystems24 GbR
Owners: Matthias Braun and Jutta Nepf
Pödeldorfer Straße 100
96052 Bamberg

Telephone: 0951 96430235 Fax
: 0951 96430247

VAT ID: DE313576931

(5.5) In the Chemnitz and Erzgebirge area, repair orders and/or orders can be forwarded to X-Hardware in consultation with the customer. Partnership Owner : Christoph Wachler Schulstrasse 38
09125 Chemnitz

Telephone: 0371 / 65 13 697
Fax: 0371 / 27 28 243

VAT ID: DE 224844271

(6) and Armin Fischer are sales partners of mobile phone providers, DSL providers, etc.

(6.1) or Armin Fischer is a 1&1 sales partner.
We sell the products from 1&1 and make sure that you get the desired product, the Internet connection or the hosting package, i.e. your website. If you want, we can take care of setting up the telephone connection, the Internet and your website quickly, personally and unbureaucratically. These are services that we have to pay for – these have nothing to do with 1&1.

(7) Telephone providers, Internet providers, mobile phone
providers We work together with the providers of telephone, VoIP, Internet, DSL and mobile phones.
Deutsche Telekom / T-Com / T-mobile – Vodafone – Telefonica / o2 – 1&1 .

Services provided by us are to be paid to us in full and without reduction by the customer, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the telephone, internet or mobile phone provider.

If we are unable to carry out our order due to missing or defective hardware, the provider not switching or a defect in the line, or due to the use of adventurous, totally unknown and unusual hardware, this is a matter between the telephone and internet or mobile phone provider and customer and is therefore not our responsibility. Labor hours and other costs are payable. If necessary, we can accommodate you in terms of price after consultation with you. A legal claim does not exist.

§2 Formation of a contract, storage of the text of the contract

(1) The following regulations on the conclusion of a contract apply to orders in our business areas

(2) If the contract is concluded, the contract comes with it Armin Fischer Services // .
c/o Armin Fischer
Hauptstr. 70
D-96117 Memmelsdorf 

Mobile/ message: 

Managing Director: Armin Fischer

Tax number and tax office:
Ust-ID: DE232723558
Responsible tax office: Finanzamt Bamberg


(2.1) The managing director
Armin Fischer has unrestricted power of representation. Contracts that go beyond the day-to-day business with PC repair 
organization of hardware and/or 
exceed an order volume of EUR 200 gross require a signature, power of attorney 
and/or written confirmation from the managing director. 
Powers of attorney are only granted for day-to-day business.
Messages to the managing director can be sent via
Binding information on our terms and conditions :

(2.2) Customer hardware and orders may
be accepted by family members – this can amount to a gross order volume of up to EUR 200.
Authorized representatives and family members can make purchases for goods worth up to EUR 200 for hardware or direct commercial needs

(2.3) Advertising orders to other companies.
Advertising orders to other companies generally require the signature of the managing director and require a statement of the total amount for the
full contract period in order to be valid.

(2.3.1) Powers of Attorney for Advertising Orders
A flat-rate power of attorney for advertising orders is only issued up to EUR 150 gross.
Powers of attorney or authorizations in higher values, and/or from which multiple advertising is possible, are only valid if there is a specific power of attorney or authorization with the name of the advertising company, as well as the name of the product and the prices and the advertising frequency.

(3) The presentation of our services and goods, as well as goods in our online shop, do not legally constitute a binding contract offer on our part, but are only a non-binding invitation to the consumer to order goods or to request services . With the agreement of an on-site appointment, a web design order, a helpdesk session, the order confirmation of the desired goods by csaf, the consumer makes a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract.

The offer is accepted verbally, by telephone, in writing or in text form, or by sending the ordered goods within one week, or by providing the service and by paying the customer after prior agreement. If the deadline has expired without result, the offer is deemed to have been rejected.

(3.1) For goods and services with a net value of more than EUR 200, the customer should confirm acceptance in writing and/or by e-mail.

(3.2) Unless otherwise noted by us, an offer addressed to the individual customer is valid for 2 weeks.

(4) Minimum requirements for customers is a working telephone number, a mobile number or a valid e-mail address. For a smooth process, please give us your cell phone number and your email. For on-site service and shipping, we need your full address, street, postcode, town/city and, if applicable, country, if outside of Germany.
If the billing address and place of delivery are different, please let us know beforehand.

(4.1) In the case of orders for which we as csaf make financial advance payments, as well as in the case of a purchase, the identity card or passport must be presented on request and a copy submitted – the latter can also be made by csaf.

(4.2) In the case of orders for which we as csaf make advance payments, we reserve the right to first carry out a credit check and/or a Schufa inquiry regarding the customer’s creditworthiness. After consultation, a deposit from the customer may be necessary.

(4.3) Consent to the contract by paying an advance invoice.
After verbal agreement and/or approval of an offer, the customer agrees to the contract by paying an advance invoice.
The partial invoice can include up to the full amount of the order.

(4.3.1) Consent to the contract by paying a down payment when purchasing a computer or other hardware.
The customer also has the option of ordering customized, custom-made computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets from us.
The consent can then be given by paying the advance invoice in full. There is no right of return or exchange, since the computer or the hardware was purchased at the customer’s request and is not usually available in the shop. The customer is obliged to accept.
Devices are generally stored or stored for 1 month. If the customer repeatedly refuses to accept it, the device will be recycled after six months, i.e. we will try to sell it. After 1 month we calculate an expense of 3 EUR/month – this is then either offset against the sales value. We deduct 1 working hour at 38 EUR from the residual value for the additional work we have incurred.
The customer then receives the difference transferred.
Guarantee services and warranty services are unaffected by this. If the device has been used properly by the customer, defective parts or the device will be exchanged. 

(4.4) // Armin Fischer Services // is entitled 
to obtain information about clients, private customers, trade and companies in advance for its own protection. This data includes, among other things, name, mobile phone number, e-mail, telephone number, residential address, company address, identity card number and/or passport number, copy of identity card and/or passport, but also information obtained from and/or and/or the portals of customer residences. 

(5) Upon receipt of an order or an order, the following regulations apply: The consumer submits a binding contract offer by submitting a declaration of intent by telephone, a declaration of intent by e-mail, in our calendar or in the online shop .

We confirm receipt of the order by telephone, by email or directly by an automatically generated email (confirmation of receipt). This does not constitute acceptance of the offer. The offer is accepted by our appearance at the customer’s, in writing, in text form or by sending the ordered goods within one week or by separate order confirmation, in writing or by e-mail.

(6) Storage of the contract text for orders via our Internet shop: We will send you the order data and our terms and conditions by e-mail. You can view the General Terms and Conditions at any time at

(7) In the case of made-to-measure products for special customer requests, an exchange or return is excluded if the end product is exclusively tailored to the customer or is only interesting in this configuration for a small target group or resale is not easy or rather unlikely due to a high price.

(8) As long as the parties have not agreed on all points of a contract on which an agreement is to be made according to the declaration of even one party, the contract is not concluded in case of doubt. The agreement on individual points is not binding even if a recording has taken place according to §154 BGB.
This point applies analogously at EU level.

(9) If the execution of an order only turns out to be an immoral legal transaction where we do not earn anything from it and the order or activity extends into infinity, we are entitled to terminate the contractual relationship without notice. To be on the safe side, it is agreed that a working hour gross on account cannot be less than 5 EUR. Exceptions to this are, of course, discounts or goodwill granted by us of our own free will.

(10) Storage of customer data here address data.
By submitting an order, the customer automatically gives us permission to store his address data in our recording systems, including cloud systems such as Dropbox and Google, or Google contacts and Google calendar. csaf is only liable in cases of gross negligence.
csaf is entitled to issue individual parts of the address set or the complete address set as well as information about a defect to third parties if services from this third party are required to fulfill the order. We exclude any commercial use of the data in the sense of selling customer address data.
The data protection regulations of the DVGSO, the EU General Data Protection Regulation, apply in a broader sense. You can find our detailed information on data protection here:

(11) Storage of customer data during backups.
In order to secure systems that no longer start up, or to adequately secure data, it is necessary to create backups of customer data.
The customer is and remains the owner of his data and may also be responsible for any legal violations for which he is responsible.
Without prior written agreement, the customer is responsible for backing up his data.
The customer allows csaf to temporarily store data on csaf data carriers for the purpose of reinstalling the system. The customer agrees that a simple deletion from the data carrier is sufficient. Otherwise he would have to inform csaf beforehand that the data is particularly sensitive.
In the case of particularly sensitive data, we hand the data medium over to the customer after it has been backed up. csaf then has no further backups of the data. The customer is responsible for further backups. If a data carrier with sensitive customer data is handed over to this customer, the latter is obliged to bear the costs for this data carrier. csaf undertakes to maintain secrecy about the content of the customer data, with the exception of significant violations of the law or if there is a suspicion of membership in a terrorist organization. In the latter cases, csaf is obliged to pass it on to authorities and state bodies.
If the storage of customer data in the cloud has been agreed with the customer, csaf is liable in cases of gross negligence.
The customer must be informed of the danger of a possible attack from outside.

(12) Remote maintenance

(12.1) Access to the computer via remote maintenance software such as TeamViewer via sister company Armin Fischer.
In principle, the customer also allows the access data for his computer to be stored in systems provided for this purpose, such as TeamViewer online.
If other service providers, such as Marco Mueller, should also be able to provide support, AFD is allowed to store this data so that it is accessible to these colleagues. In principle, we at AFD do not use automated access when the computer is started unless it is a system that requires a lot of maintenance and on-site access is difficult or if the customer lacks sufficient knowledge to initialize remote maintenance software himself.

(12.2) Access to the customer’s computer via Google Chrome Remote Desktop.
Remote maintenance is carried out using the Remote Desktop Tool provided by Google.
This requires the installation of the web browser Google Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop an exe file.

§3 Prices, shipping costs, payment, due date

(1) The prices quoted include the statutory sales tax in Germany and other price components. There are also any shipping costs, travel expenses, night and weekend surcharges.

(1.1) If the customer is an entrepreneur in another EU country and purchases goods from us – hardware, software, licenses – and/or on-site services, the entrepreneur will receive an invoice without sales tax, but is obliged to pay the pay sales tax in their country.
The entrepreneur is obliged to inform us of his entrepreneurial activity as well as his sales tax identification number, VAT ID or VAT ID when placing the order. There is a note on the invoice – tax liability of the service recipient – or – reverse charge – and/or a note in the national language of the company commissioning the service.

(1.2) If the customer is a private customer and receives online services, this can be, for example, web hosting, creation of a website or, if necessary, remote maintenance via TeamViewer. In this case, the MiniOneStopShop system applies to AFD.

Anyone selling online services, telecommunications or internet services, downloads or e-books to other EU countries since 2015 must then pay the sales tax to the relevant EU country. Before that it was the sales tax in the company’s country.
A collector system, the Mini-One-Stop-Shop System, or MOSS for short, is introduced so that not every entrepreneur, especially smaller ones, has to pay umpteen sales tax returns and transfers to umpteen countries. The company with a sales tax ID has the choice of either submitting a sales tax return in each country and transferring the amounts or do it centrally via MOSS, in Germany it is called KEA, a small single point of contact. You can’t do both at the same time.

(2) The consumer or private customer or the entrepreneur has the option of paying in advance, paying in cash or PayPal when the service is provided, by EC card or credit card, the latter on request, in the case of postal orders via the also shop by cash on delivery.

There is also the option of purchasing pre-paid credit from us, which we then use to offset the services purchased from us.
Initially, we do not charge any sales tax for the PrePaid credit.
The sales tax is calculated in the settlement of credit and services provided. When using PrePaid credit, your invoice includes a list of the last payment transfers and the credit balance.

Unused PrePaid credit is generally valid for 6 months after the last debit transaction, after which it is inactive.
EUR 5 will be deducted from inactive PrePaid credit per year, and finally the remaining amount until the amount is EUR 0.
Refunds are generally possible. There is a transfer fee of EUR 2.50 for a credit balance of up to EUR 100,
then EUR 5. The transfer to another customer account is free of charge up to 10 EUR, after that a fee of 1.00 EUR applies.
The numbers of the prepaid accounts correspond to the AFD customer numbers, the registered cell phone number or the e-mail address of the customer.
If the prepaid guidelines are regulated differently, this will be shown separately on the credit card.

(2.1) Payment by credit card/EC card represents an additional, possibly time-limited offer, as this also depends on a provider and its hardware. There is no legal right to payment by credit card or EC card.

(2.2) Transfer and bank fees at banks and PayPal, currently approx. 1.9%, can be added to offers without being asked.

(2.3) Unless otherwise noted, shipping costs for shipping small parts are EUR 8 – 10, and shipping costs for computers, TFT monitors, screens and PC hardware are EUR 20 – 50.

(3) If the consumer has chosen to pay in advance, he undertakes to pay the purchase price immediately after the conclusion of the contract.
Insofar as we deliver cash on delivery, the purchase price claim becomes due upon receipt of the goods.

(4) A payment period of 14 weekdays has been agreed for invoices that do not contain any further information as to when they are to be paid. If the invoice contains a term of payment, this is deemed to have been agreed.

(4.1) As of February 1st, 2012, payment on account within a payment period generally requires approval given by thinksaf before the order is fulfilled, particularly in the case of private individuals and small companies. Due to extremely high outstanding amounts due to unpaid invoices, this passage is unfortunately necessary. There is no legal right to payment of an invoice within a payment period. In the future we will grant customers who pay immediately a discount. Our price structure will be adjusted accordingly.
If the customer does not pay immediately after the order has been fulfilled, he cannot use the prices including the discount.
In addition, he is already in default of payment!
Regular customers and customers who have previously paid their bills reliably on time without a reminder are not affected by this new regulation or only if they have been informed separately by the csaf before the next provision of services.

As an option for immediate payment after the service has been provided, there is cash payment, payment via PayPal, whereby the receipt of payment is then checked in our PayPal account, or bank transfer via home banking, if we are presented with a written transaction request for the transfer, so that the payment was instructed on the same day. In addition, there may also be the possibility of EC card payment and credit card payment.

(4.2) Payments via PayPal or Bitcoin

(4.2.1) In the case of payments via PayPal, we must be informed in advance.
Payment address: .
(4.2.2) In the case of payments via Bitcoin, we must be informed in advance and we need a screenshot
of the payment process by e-mail.The Euro – Bitcoin exchange rate at the time of payment applies. Bitcoin Wallet: 39N4TmuWyy1pMogQTpUMBn2FnWU2tGVk2g .
Trust Wallet Bitcoin: bc1q4k3zfufsjj5cyfyzpzmxw7r85zjsmwp5rnxtsn .

In the case of immediate payment, we will issue you a receipt or a receipt on site, an invoice with the note paid in cash or the invoice amount will be transferred, will be sent within 7 days if necessary.

(5) In the event of default of payment when paying on account, the customer will first receive a payment reminder without dunning status and dunning fees.
If the customer does not pay within the specified period, he will receive the 1st reminder. For the first reminder, we generally charge a reminder fee of EUR 5 and a processing fee of EUR 10. Finally, we must again devote time to the claim.
In addition, we charge an expense allowance of 10% of the invoice amount, ie invoice amount divided by 100 times 10 by 12 months calculated from the end of the period of the payment reminder. This is intended to compensate for our expenses through the use of overdraft facilities due to non-payment. From the 2nd reminder, a processing fee of EUR 15 applies!
In the event of continued non-payment, our legal fees and/or collection costs and our expenses will be charged to the customer at an hourly rate of EUR 31.94 net.

(6) With a goods value of EUR 100 gross to EUR 84 net, we generally require a deposit of 20% of the gross value of the goods.
With a goods value of 300 EUR gross or 252.10 EUR net, we generally require a deposit of 50% of the gross value of the goods.
If the order does not materialise, we will keep the 20% down payment in any case, repayment of the 50% for a goods value of 300 EUR or more if we can sell the item within 2 months at the same price without any reduction.
In the case of flyers or custom-made products, there is no refund as a matter of principle.

(7) Helpdesk for non-regular customers is only possible against advance payment or prepaid credit!
It is possible to pay in advance in cash, by bank transfer, by PayPal, by EC or credit card after consultation, or to purchase prepaid credit.

(8) Businesses Financed by Us

Up to gross EUR 300, net EUR 252.10, we generally offer the option of paying in several installations after consultation with us.
The prerequisite is that the customer has ordered from us at least 3 times and has spent a total of 500 EUR gross with us. In addition, he must not have been reminded of any invoice. Simple payment reminders without dunning status and dunning fee are excluded.

(9) Unless otherwise agreed with the customer, or one of the flat rates given on our website is cheaper or something else is stated in a voucher, billing per hour automatically applies.
The hourly prices are staggered in order to do justice to additional work even with smaller orders with only a few hours. The financial capacity of the customer is taken into account in the pricing.

(10) Telephone calls, faxes and the creation of e-mails for the customer or their attached third-party providers are generally billable both in terms of working time and the resulting communication costs such as telephone, mobile phone, fax and internet. The invoicing for the costs incurred by us are with the customer, can also take place up to 3 months after the creation of our service invoice.

Telephone calls with a telecommunications provider, since DSL or telephone does not work, may make up the entire order in these cases and must also be paid for.

As a rule, we will not charge anything for short inquiries by telephone. If you are unsure, please ask.

(11) Services for which no flat-rate prices are specified are billed per hour.
Flat rates only apply if specified here. We currently only have flat rates for DSL setup and Windows and Kubuntu installation.

(12) In the case of on-site service, a flat rate does not include more than 5 hours of working time and is only valid for one day.
Thereafter, an expense allowance of EUR 7 gross per additional hour is due. Journeys are calculated for each visit to the customer, unless a kilometer flat rate has been agreed as a gesture of goodwill in the case of several journeys per day from the 2nd journey.

(13) Computers with viruses. In the case of computers with viruses, we generally propose a new installation as an acceptable solution. For this we have a flat rate for the bring-in, the basic price for the on-site service and an additional hourly price of currently approx. 5 euros. If the system has to be retained, the customer pays per hour. There are activities where we have to take action as well as scanning processes at a lower price. Our partner company Marco Mueller offers a flat rate in this area for Bring-In to the workshop. Price per hour max. 38 EUR /h Standard price, from which discounted on a scale basis. For passive times when no employee is doing anything but the computer is busy, egfor a virus scan, at least 5 EUR/h and a maximum of 10 EUR/h apply. Usually this is 7 EUR gross/h. If otherwise agreed with the customer or otherwise stated in an offer, this agreement applies.

(14) Hardware Error Research and Recoverability. When checking hardware errors and attempts to remedy them, the attempts are also subject to payment and are billed per hour. Discounts are goodwill from

(15) On weekends and public holidays as well as from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am, surcharges per hour are charged. These can be up to 5 EUR/h.

§4 Delivery and provision of services.

(1) Unless otherwise stated, we can provide on-site customer appointments within 2 weeks.
In principle, we cannot rule out a 15-minute delay in terms of traffic within Memmelsdorf.
In the greater Bamberg area and district, these delays can be up to 30 minutes.
In Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen, traffic delays can be up to 2 hours.
The times may be longer in the Regensburg district and beyond, as well as in the Lugau, Erzgebirge and Chemnitz areas.
This depends on where we are driving to you from – we will let you know if this is the case.
In the case of an on-site customer appointment, we always wait 15 minutes and try to reach the customer by telephone.
If the customer can be reached by phone, but not on site, we charge +3 EUR for the journey.
If the customer can neither be reached on site nor by telephone, we charge 1/2 hour of the agreed rate plus the journey.
When the customer picks up goods, we always wait 15 minutes. Then the pick-up date is considered to have failed if there is no response from the customer. If the customer has a journey of at least 50 km to us, the time is extended to 30 minutes. From 100 km we wait 1 hour.
If the customer does not need us after all, an agreed appointment or a journey within a tour must be canceled at least 2 hours in advance, for journeys over 50 km 4 hours, from 100 km the day before.

(1.1) If the customer needs help immediately or within 48 hours and therefore other appointments or repairs have to be
postponed, the customer agrees to an express surcharge of EUR 40 gross for 24 hours. This is normally submitted to the customer when the order is placed.

(2) Unless we have clearly stated otherwise the delivery in the product description, all items we offer are ready for dispatch, can be delivered or collected within 1 week. The latter applies to small and individual parts that we have in stock.

(2.1) Customers on-site or bring-in appointments are generally possible within one week in the district of Bamberg, there is no legal entitlement.
For orders in Regensburg and the district or Erzgebirge, delivery is usually within one month. A legal claim does not exist.

(2.1) Small and individual parts with a goods value of less than EUR 200 that we have to order are usually ready for dispatch within 2 weeks.
The customer grants us a delivery time of up to 4 weeks.

(2.2) Large parts, computers, servers, TFT monitors and monitors are usually ready for dispatch within 4 weeks.
The customer grants us a delivery time of up to 6 weeks.

(3) If the consumer has chosen to pay in advance, we will not ship the goods before receipt of payment or provide the service before receipt of payment.

(3.1) The period until the money is received on our account in the case of prepayment or down payment can take up to 3 working days for transfers from bank to bank, does not count towards the delivery time.

(4) If agreed with the customer, services, partial services and repair orders, as well as hardware requirements, can be handed over to Marco Müller and/or the companies mentioned above. The terms and conditions of Marco Müller or the companies mentioned apply to the services provided in this regard. It is possible to request an overall invoice for all goods and services from us, Marco Müller, or individual invoices from the companies.

§5 Retention of title

We reserve ownership of the goods until the purchase price has been paid in full.

§6  Warranty

(1) The warranty for products delivered by us is based on the statutory provisions for new goods. No warranty is given for used goods. In the event of defects occurring which are due to incorrect installation by the customer or a third party, operating errors or interventions in the goods or changes to the products by the customer or a third party who is not authorized to do so, as well as external influences on the products, no warranty is given accepted. If the customer has made warranty claims against, Armin Fischer or Armin Fischer dienstleistungen and it turns out that there was either no defect or that the defect asserted is based on a circumstancewhich does not oblige us to provide a guarantee, the customer must reimburse us for the costs incurred as a result if he is responsible for our claims. If the data on the devices is lost as part of a repair or inspection by, Armin Fischer or Armin Fischer Services, this risk must be borne by the customer. Liability is limited to intentional and grossly negligent actions. The customer is obliged to ensure regular data backup. If Armin Fischer or Armin Fischer Services lose the data on the devices, this risk must be borne by the client. Liability is limited to intentional and grossly negligent actions. The customer is obliged to ensure regular data backup.If Armin Fischer or Armin Fischer Services lose the data on the devices, this risk must be borne by the client. Liability is limited to intentional and grossly negligent actions. The customer is obliged to ensure regular data backup.
(2) In the event of defects in the delivery item, which also include the lack of guaranteed properties, we are entitled, at our discretion, to repair the defective delivery item or to deliver a new one. If the repair or replacement delivery fails, the buyer is entitled to demand a reduction in payment (reduction) or cancellation of the contract (rescission). A repair has failed if it has been tried several times and further repairs cannot be expected of the buyer. In the event of a notice of defects, the buyer is obliged to return the defective device or part in the original packaging with all accessories at his own expense and risk, together with a precise description of the defect, to remedy the defect immediately and as smoothly as possible. Send or hand over the model and serial number and a copy of the invoice with which the goods were delivered to , Armin Fischer or Armin Fischer dienstleistungen. As long as the buyer does not meet these obligations, he cannot demand any rectification, conversion or reduction. If we agree to a conversion or if we send the buyer a replacement device, we are entitled to charge the buyer for the missing accessories at the sales price or to deduct them from the credit note issued. Replaced parts become the property of, Armin Fischer or Armin Fischer dienstleistungen. If operating or maintenance recommendations are not followed by us or the manufacturer of the goods, changes are made to the goods, parts are replaced or consumables are used that do not correspond to the original specifications, all warranties are void. Warranty claims against us are only available to the direct customer and are not assignable.
All activities are to be verified by the customer immediately after they have been carried out in the presence of the contractor. Complaints must be made by the customer immediately after the work has been completed. Subsequent complaints can be rejected to exclude the possibility of possible manipulation. In the case of justified complaints, the contractor must be given the opportunity to rectify the defect. This does not give rise to a right of offsetting or retention for the customer.

(3) In the case of guarantees from device manufacturers and third-party manufacturers, we can only consider repairs if the manufacturer accepts a loss of guarantee. This acceptance of the loss of guarantee must be made in writing. In this case, you only get a warranty on the replaced component. The advantage is that repairs can be carried out more quickly on site or in the PC workshop Marco Müller, Landshuter Str. 68, 93053 Regensburg. In order to make use of a manufacturer’s guarantee and thus maintain the guarantee requirements, the device must be taken to an authorized manufacturer’s workshop. By agreement, you can hand over the shipping order for repair and the return to us or to Marco Müller.

(4) Batteries, rechargeable batteries and hard drives are wear parts and are generally excluded from the guarantee. If we have received a guarantee from the retailer, we will grant a guarantee or warranty as a gesture of goodwill. In some cases, we grant a goodwill guarantee or warranty, especially if a customer has given us a higher order value. In this case, the warranty or guarantee only includes a free replacement.

(5) Term Licenses. Runtime licenses can no longer be withdrawn once they have been activated. On the one hand, the license was installed on a fixed device, on the other hand, the license expires according to the parking meter principle and is eventually invalid.

(6) Windows operating system licenses from Windows XP, currently Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10 . We cannot take back operating system licenses after activation or if we cannot understand whether the license was activated or not. After activation, the operating system license offers a unit with the intended hardware and, according to the manufacturer, may not be transferred to other systems. There is an exception if the same computer is exchanged for other hardware such as a mainboard.

(7) Licenses of software, programs. A sale is only possible with the consent of the program manufacturer. We usually deal with new software that has not been installed before.

(8) Used Licenses. We only buy and sell used licenses with the agreement and consultation of the program manufacturer.

(9) Licenses distributed purely electronically, so-called ESD licenses, ESD stands for Electronic Software Distribution, we usually only sell runtime licenses such as virus protection, inexpensive solutions under EUR 50 gross or in prior consultation with the program manufacturer or manufacturer of the operating system.
It is important to us that the customer can trace the authenticity of a product!!

************************************************** **************************************************
§6 Right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal

right of withdrawal

You can revoke your contract declaration within 14 days in text form (eg letter, fax, e-mail) without giving reasons. The period begins after receipt of this instruction in text form, but not before receipt of the goods by the recipient (in the case of recurring deliveries of similar goods not before receipt of the first partial delivery) and not before we have fulfilled our information obligations in accordance with Article 246 § 2 in conjunction with § 1 Para 1 and 2 EGBGB as well as our obligations according to § 312e paragraph 1 sentence 1 BGB in connection with Article 246 § 3 EGBGB. The timely dispatch of the cancellation or the item is sufficient to meet the cancellation deadline.

(1) Services already rendered are excluded

(2) Excluded are data carriers provided with customer data or company data such as CD-ROMs, DVDs and hard drives, which contain customer data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act or other sensitive data.

(3) Custom-made products are excluded.

(4) Excluded are flyers and customized advertising for the customer.

If, for whatever reason, you cannot reach us, you can also
Ms. Katrin Fischer, née Mueller, Mobile: +4917654883042,


In the event of an effective revocation, the services received by both parties must be returned and any benefits (eg interest) surrendered. If you cannot return the service received to us in whole or in part, or only in a deteriorated condition, you may have to pay us compensation for the value. Obligations to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The period begins for you with the dispatch of your declaration of revocation or the item, for us with their receipt.

special instructions

In the case of a service, your right of withdrawal expires prematurely if your contractual partner has started to perform the service with your express consent before the end of the withdrawal period or you have arranged for this yourself.

Funded Businesses

If you have financed this contract with a loan and you revoke the financed contract, you are no longer bound by the loan contract if both contracts form an economic unit. This is to be assumed in particular if we are your lender at the same time or if your lender uses our cooperation with regard to the financing. If we have already received the loan when the revocation or return takes effect, your lender shall assume our rights and obligations from the financed contract in relation to you with regard to the legal consequences of the revocation or return. The latter does not apply if the subject of the present contract is the acquisition of securities, foreign exchange, derivatives or precious metals.
If you want to avoid a contractual commitment as far as possible, revoke both contractual declarations separately.

End of revocation

************************************************** **************************************************

§7 Contractual regulation regarding the return costs in the event of revocation
If you make use of your right of revocation, the following agreement applies in accordance with § 357 Para. 2 BGB, according to which you have to bear the regular costs of the return if the delivered goods are the ordered ones and if the price of the item to be returned does not exceed an amount of EUR 40 or if, in the case of a higher price of the item, you have not yet provided the consideration or a contractually agreed partial payment at the time of the cancellation.
Otherwise, the return is free for you.

§8 Contract
language German and English are available as contract languages.

************************************************** **************************************************
§9 Customer service
Our customer service for questions, complaints and objections is generally available on weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
and from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. using the following contact options.

Armin Fischer

Municipality Memmelsdorf – County Bamberg – Regensburg
c/o Armin Fischer
Hauptstr. 70
DE- 96117 Memmelsdorf
. / de
Ust-ID / VAT-ID: DE232723558

************************************************** **************************************************

§10 Cost estimate and preliminary diagnosis 

If preliminary diagnoses can be made quickly after the customer has described the problems, ie within
5 minutes, then usually nothing is charged for it.

If hardware has to be examined more closely and it results from the fact that a repair is not worthwhile, that we have no possibilities for a solution or if the customer wishes to use another service provider for whatever reason, we at csaf charge a flat rate of 20 EUR and the journey , if one hour of working time is not exceeded. If, after checking by csaf, the device is sent to another service provider, for example Marco Mueller, csaf pays 10 EUR + travel and the flat rate to the service provider, at Marco Mueller 30 EUR according to the latest status.
If it is more than 1 hour, it is a repair attempt. For this, the agreed hourly rate is due at csaf.

(1) If the customer requests that the device be checked extremely quickly, i.e. within a few hours or immediately, an express surcharge will be charged.
This can be 5 EUR/h or less as a gesture of goodwill, e.g. in periods when there are no orders.
If it is necessary to do this within 2 weeks or more, the express surcharge does not apply.
If it is necessary to do this within 1 week, the regular express surcharge is EUR 10 for the first hour and EUR 1.20 for each additional hour.
If it has to be completed within 3 days, the regular express surcharge is 25% on the gross amount of the services. If it has to be completed within 2 days, the regular express surcharge is 30% on the gross amount of the services.
If it is necessary to do this within 1 day, the regular express surcharge is 50% on the gross amount of the services.

§11 Flyers 
The customer is generally obliged to accept custom-made flyers and other templates.
They are only applicable or distributable to him. Price reductions are only possible through voluntary goodwill on our part or after consultation with us. However, we have to look at the flyers again for this.

We are not liable for color changes by the printer, for unwanted changes only in cases of gross negligence.

§ 11 Industrial property rights and copyrights
Insofar as programs are part of the scope of delivery, the customer is granted a simple, unrestricted right of use, ie he may neither copy them nor allow others to use them. A multiple right of use requires a special written agreement. If these rights of use are violated, the customer is fully liable for the resulting damage. Software unsealed by the buyer cannot be returned! In the case of material that is made available to us in electronic form or as a hard copy for the purpose of publication, the client must ensure that the right of reproduction is observed (copyright).
When we create internet pages, we are not responsible for the content of the pages. We will not accept or publish content that violates applicable laws or morality. In particular, we do not process freely accessible pornographic writings or images, racist material or material that glorifies violence.

§12 Web Design Services  

A one-time preliminary talk is up to 1/2 hour free of charge. After that, the full hourly price of 38 EUR/h is due. A journey of more than 5 km will be charged.
Intermediate calls 2 times a month of up to 15 minutes are free, as are change requests no longer than 5 minutes, provided they do not exceed 5 minutes every 14 days.

The listed gross prices include 19% VAT in Germany. if not stated otherwise.

Companies in other EU countries pay the net price and have to pay the sales tax themselves – reverse charge.
Private individuals in other EU countries pay the net price plus the VAT rate applicable in their country in accordance with MOSS – MiniOneStopShop.

§12.1 Pre-Layouts. We will create 5 pre-layouts for you to view for gross EUR 38, net EUR 31.93 19% VAT. 6.07 EUR . These 38 EUR are deducted again when submitting a web design order.
Another 5 pre-layouts each cost EUR 38 gross, EUR 31.93 net 19% VAT. 6.07 EUR . These will not be deducted from the final bill.

§12.2 Flat Rates. Website flat rates only apply if no major changes are due to a layout that has already been worked out and if no more than 2 typewritten pages of text are added. Otherwise, an hourly rate that has been agreed with you, but at least EUR 20 gross/h net EUR 16.81, is due. If CMS like WebsiteBaker or a blog like WordPress is used for websites, there are further modules at given flat rates.

§12.3 The customer is responsible for website elements provided by the customer.
He is obliged to take care of the copyright matters and has to ensure that he owns the rights to all the elements he has made available and that he is allowed to use them.

§12.4 Elements for website design, modules and templates provided by us,, can come from a pool of modules and templates made available free of charge or from designs created by us. Without a separate agreement, the customer agrees that free layouts and layouts from us can be used for his site without receiving the copyright for these components. He must respect the rights of use of the manufacturer of the design templates and modules and, for example, attach or keep a link desired by the manufacturer. The customer expressly allows us to use layout drafts used for his site on other sites.

§12.5 Imprint
The customer has to provide the web design company with all relevant data. // Armin Fischer Services // are only liable in cases of gross negligence.
The customer is obliged to bring it. In the event of a dispute, the latter must prove that he has provided this.

§ 12.6 Data protection or data protection declaration
A data protection declaration must always be agreed separately and is not an automatic component of a page to be created by the service provider.

§12.6.1 Armin Fischer // Armin Fischer Services // can generally provide an extended standard data protection declaration based on be obtained. The list does not claim to be complete and is free in Basic.
A flat rate of EUR 10 will be charged for the workload of the entry.
Hourly rates are charged for adaptation to the needs of the customer.
In principle, the customer is obliged to provide his data protection measures, especially with regard to the company, club, organization and interaction website and illustration of the data protection measures taken. Conversations on data protection are to be logged by customers.

§12.6.2 The customer must check himself or contact the manufacturers of extensions or applications, and or have them checked for compliance with the GDPR by law firms and/or technical experts, and obtain information from there and on this basics to make decisions as to whether an extension or an application may be used in his company, in his law firm or practice, in his club or in his organization.
Only for small businesses, medical practices without staff or private clients or voluntary associations up to the size that the web design company and the turnover of the same sees // Armin Fischer dienstleistungen // www.afd-pc-service .de www a further obligation.

§12.6.3 In the case of CMS and blog systems, the assumption of liability is generally limited, since the content can be changed by the customer himself if necessary. If only one access is available, the customer
himself is liable for the content and the service provider is only liable in cases of gross negligence from the time he receives the login.

§12.6.4 Data breaches in the CMS, blog or WordPress system.
In CMS, content is posted by several people. Since the group of people who create the contribution is mainly provided by the customer after the page has been created, it is mainly the customer who is affected in the event of data protection
violations. If at all, liability can only be assumed proportionately.
If liability on the part of the service provider is to be considered, this must be recorded when the logins are handed over to the customer, ie with handover and signature regarding all entered pages and signed by the service provider and the customer.

§12.7 We are only liable for warnings on the customer website, by adding a text, by omitting the tax number, by integrating prohibited content, linking viruses, if the change or introduction was made knowingly by us or was done with gross negligence on our part. The customer is liable for the transmission of visitor data to Google, Google +1, Facebook, Google Adsense, banner inserters of any kind, trackers, visitor counters, etc.

§12.8 Restriction of assumption of liability after handing over the login.
For systems with only 1 login, the assumption of liability is transferred to the customer.
In order for the service provider to assume liability, the entire content of the website provided must be logged and signed by the service provider beforehand.

§12.9 Website Security.
The service provider is only liable for the security of the website if he has also been commissioned by the customer to maintain the website and only in the case of gross violations.

§12.10 , Armin Fischer or Armin Fischer Dienstleistungen are not liable for hacker attacks on the CMS used, such as WordPress or WebsiteBaker, the PHP scripts, if created by others, or for website security overall, as long as no grossly negligent errors can be held against. The customer is obliged to update his CMS himself.

§12.11 We will not accept or publish content that violates applicable laws or morality. This includes, in particular, freely accessible pornographic writings or images and racist and violence-glorifying materials. We are also obliged to pass them on to authorities and state bodies.

§13 Helpdesk Services

Remote maintenance with TeamViewer is carried out by Armin Fischer as the licensee.
We use TeamViewer 10 / 11 for remote maintenance or other software after consultation with you.
In principle, helpdesk services are subject to a charge, unless they are covered by a flat rate or have been credited to the customer. With regular customers, we may be accommodating and charge less or nothing for short sessions.
AFD is entitled to save the access data, ie ID for the computer, a password by arrangement.

The provisions for AFD PC-SERVICE Helpdesk can be found here:

Remote maintenance with Google Chrome Remote Desktop is carried out via

The prepaid credit offered on the website can be used.
Helpdesk for non-regular customers is only possible against advance payment or prepaid credit!
Advance payment in cash, by bank transfer, PayPal or the purchase of prepaid credit is possible.

(1) The standard rate when updating the terms and conditions is EUR 25/h including the VAT that is customary in Germany. .
For orders in other EU countries, companies pay net 21.00 EUR/h and have to pay the sales tax in your country.
Private customers in other EU countries pay EUR 21.00 net + the sales tax of their country, paid via MOSS – MiniOneStopShop.
This applies accordingly to all surcharges.

(2) In the case of an emergency service or express service, an additional EUR 15 gross and EUR 12.61 net will be charged for the first 2 hours.
Companies in other EU countries pay the net price and have to pay the sales tax themselves – reverse charge.
Private individuals in other EU countries pay the net price plus the VAT rate applicable in their country in accordance with MOSS – MiniOneStopShop.
The minimum charge is EUR 3 gross, EUR 2.52 net.

(3) The prices of EUR 25/h [gross, 19%] are binding and currently valid.

§14 Provisions regarding our portal pages and websites, 
in particular and and  .

We would like to point out that we do not assume any responsibility for the content of linked websites and partners, or for content not entered by us by members and advertising service providers. The content provider alone is responsible for this.
We would like to point out that the IP number and the data entered here can be passed on to other sites and systems such as Google, Google Adsense, Facebook and Twitter. This is partly technically necessary or not otherwise feasible in order to be able to publish content in other networks. During this transmission, content from this website may be linked to your account on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Google +1 and others. The content published by Facebook, Twitter, Google +1 is posted in your account and can then be read by visitors to your Facebook, Google +1 and Twitter account. When transmitting via our website, other data such as the IP number, the visitor’s web browser or others may also be transmitted.
Intermediate storage can also take place in the form of cookies. If you definitely do not want this because you have data protection concerns, or you do not want any information to be sent to these providers, you should log out of Facebook, Google and Twitter and all other providers before you visit our site. Browser plugins now allow social networks and banners to be completely hidden and no further data is sent to these systems.

In accordance with the GDPR, the EU General Data Protection Regulation, you will find our information obligations regarding data protection for websites and cookies on the following page:

If you do not agree to this, we ask you not to visit this website or at least not to give your consent to the cookie query.
If, despite previous careful examination on our part, you feel that your rights are in any way restricted by texts, images and media, and you believe that you can identify copyright infringements, we expect you to contact us first. Unjustified warnings will not be recognized by us, if necessary we will consult a lawyer.

We assume no responsibility for the effects on your system of hacker attacks on our websites.

§15 Other business areas of Armin Fischer Services

(1) In the case of support services, Armin Fischer dienstleistungen is liable for personal injury or property damage caused by gross negligence. We appear as additional care, possibly with the offer of preventive care. However, we do not assume any professional nursing or medical services.

(2) With regard to caretaker services and cleaning services, we are only liable in cases of gross negligence.
Commodities that dissolve, break, break off or otherwise after some time through normal use will not be replaced by Armin Fischer Services if they have broken through normal wear and tear.
If the customer has not provided us with the required materials, they will be invoiced in proportion to the use and consumption.

The customer is obliged to inspect the service immediately after we have provided it or to inform us when he wants to carry out the assessment.

Armin Fischer Services assumes no responsibility for interim changes regarding, for example, contamination.

§ 16 Place of jurisdiction and applicable law
(1) The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from legal relationships between or Armin Fischer dienstleistungen and the customer is at the location of the registered office of or Armin Fischer dienstleistungen or the responsible district court at the place of residence of the owner, here Bamberg.
A different place of jurisdiction may be determined by mutual agreement.

(2) Out-of-court settlement. // Armin Fischer Services is fundamentally interested in out-of-court settlement of disputes. We support Online Dispute Resolution of the EU Commission – .

“The OS platform should be an interactive website that represents a central contact point for consumers and entrepreneurs who want to settle disputes arising from online legal transactions out of court.

The OS platform should contain general information about the out-of-court settlement of contractual disputes between consumers and entrepreneurs arising from online sales contracts and online service contracts.

Consumers and traders should have the possibility to submit complaints on that platform by filling in an online form available in all official languages ????of the institutions of the Union and attaching relevant documents.

The complaints should then be forwarded via the platform to the ADR body […body for alternative dispute resolution…] responsible for the dispute in question. The ODR platform should provide a free electronic case handling tool that allows ADR bodies to handle the dispute resolution procedure with the parties via the ODR platform.”

§ 36, ODR, General Information Obligation
(1) An entrepreneur who maintains a website or uses general terms and conditions has to inform the consumer in an easily accessible, clear and understandable
way 1. of the extent to which he is willing or obliged to participate in dispute settlement procedures participate in a consumer arbitration board, and
2. refer to the competent consumer arbitration board if the entrepreneur has undertaken to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board or if he is obliged to participate due to legal provisions; the notice must contain information on the address and website of the consumer arbitration board as well as a declaration by the entrepreneur to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before this consumer arbitration board.

(2) The information referred to in paragraph 1 must
1. appear on the entrepreneur’s website if the entrepreneur maintains a website,
2. be given together with his general terms and conditions if the entrepreneur uses general terms and conditions.

(3) An entrepreneur who employed ten or fewer people on December 31 of the previous year is exempt from the information obligation pursuant to paragraph 1 number 1.

Section 37, ODR, information after the dispute
has arisen (1) The entrepreneur must refer the consumer to a consumer arbitration board responsible for him, stating its address and website, if the dispute over a consumer contract cannot be resolved by the entrepreneur and the consumer. At the same time, the entrepreneur states whether he is willing or obliged to participate in a dispute settlement procedure at this consumer arbitration board. If the entrepreneur is willing or obliged to participate in the dispute settlement procedure of one or more consumer arbitration boards, he must specify this body or these bodies.

(2) The notice must be given in text form.

§17 prices, terms and conditions, data protection and imprint  

(1) In principle, the current price lists  published on the website apply when the order is submitted  to // Armin Fischer Services .

(2) When submitting an order to // Armin Fischer Services, the current  General Terms and Conditions published on the website apply.

(3) With regard to data protection, our data protection conditions apply in accordance with the GDPR

(4) You can find the imprint here:

************************************************** **************************************************

§18 Invalidity of provisions of the General Terms and Conditions

If, despite careful examination, parts of these General Terms and Conditions should be legally ineffective, only the relevant parts should be suspended and the General Terms and Conditions should be interpreted in accordance with the law in such a way that they correspond to the original parts as far as possible.

 §19 Changes due to new version of the General Terms and Conditions 

In the case of a new version of the GTC, several versions apply, the version created at the time the order was placed, the version created
at the time the invoice was issued and the current version on the website to the same extent, designed to the advantage of the customer, provided that we do not incur any significant expenses as a result.

§20 data protection regulations for the contact data of // Armin Fischer Services

Armin Fischer

Gemeinde Memmelsdorf – Landkreis Bamberg – Regensburg
c/o Armin Fischer 
Hauptstr. 70  
DE- 96117 Memmelsdorf / de
Ust-ID / VAT-ID: DE232723558 



We hereby grant customers, interested parties and business partners, friends, relatives, acquaintances and work colleagues permission to keep our address data given here indefinitely and to use the data for others to contact us.

Objection to advertising e-mails We hereby object
to the use of contact data published as part of the imprint obligation for
sending unsolicited advertising and information material .
Exceptions are information from small local providers and requested emails, as well as newsletters we have subscribed to and advertising emails sent once within 2 months.

Objection to advertising calls
The use of contact data published as part of the imprint obligation is also objected to with regard to advertising calls. Within the framework of the services requested by us, calling is of course permitted.

Withdrawal from dubious companies associated with our company data.
The use of our address data by dubious companies is undesirable.

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